An introduction to designer J.J. Collier

Talent unearthed. Vision refined. Dreams launched.

Paying it forward. I had an unconventional start into a career I’d only dreamt possible. Without formal training, Ralph Lauren,

Salomon, Spyder and other leading brands have hired me to lead apparel design and product launches for their brands.

It was belief in the dream that got me started and then great people who guided me along the way.

I want to apply my experience and gratitude to do the same for others.

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If you have a great idea and want to share it, let me know. There is a reasonable fee, but you and your concept will benefit from our meeting.

I can help you unearth the creative voice you may already have or we can develop it together.

Aced first impression / Good taste/ Quality over Quantity



If your portfolio gets into the hands of a Design Director or hiring manager, that person will only have a few minutes to look at it. It has to be epic; quality over quantity. I see hundreds of ports and can help you identify the hook.

This is a one-hour session live or online. $100

(People will tell you not to do anything artistic on your resume. I disagree. A dd a subtle show of taste).

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Launching a soft good brands is hard. Working with people who have been there makes it less hard. I have been involved in many product launches and brand concept builds. My perspective on brand, product, market, color, and mix, can help make your road a little straighter.

This is a one-hour session (ideally in person). $250


For brands requiring collection review and/or other collaboration with in-house teams, please reach out. I can help turn the corner between good and great.

Pricing available upon request.


“Working with JJ helped me move from new graduate to in-house designer far more quickly than I would have been able to alone. I apply the tools he gave me every day.”

-Tacey Jones / Sweater Designer

"JJ agreed to a cold meeting with me three years ago, listened to me for two hours, helped me conceptualize the foundation of my clothing brand Maroon Bell Outdoor, told me (an accountant) it was brilliant and nothing I’ve done since that day has mattered more." 

-Jeremy Dougherty / Founder